Our Mission

To give every trader an opportunity to compete.

Simply stated the market can certainly be an overwhelming place - quarterly earnings, research reports, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and the constantly shifting news landscape are just a part of the full picture. When you join Spalgo our algorithm will trigger opportunities for you to enter and exit positions and not get bogged in additional trading noise.

Our Virtual Trading Room

When you subscribe to Spalgo you will become part of the virtual trading room where our Chief Trading Officer will guide you through the daily multiple opportunities to enter and exit a position in the Stock Market triggered by the Spalgo Algorithm.


The beauty of the virtual trading room is that you decide how you want to participate according to your schedule. Obviously the a full trading day and week are optimum for maximum results, but you can choose to come and go whenever you choose. You are in complete control.

Excellent Support

Our approach is that every trader in our Spalgo community is extremely important to us. We have a limited capspace for our trading community thereby we can focus all our attention to their needs.

Cancel Anytime

We do not lock you into any contract. Feel free to cancel anytime you want. But when you start trading the signals we have a feeling you might stick around for a while.

Our Approach

Let us show you exactly what Spalgo can do for you.

We have simple and straightforward approach. Though our algorithm gives us the opportunity signals to either go long or short, we are there online with you guiding you throughout the entire day. It is entirely up to you if and when you want to react. We would love to talk with you further about the our process and how to get started to work with Spalgo.

Show Me How