We are Spalgo. A Virtual Trading Room Powered by our Proprietary S&P 500 Algorithm.

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There For You

Our focus is 100% centered towards our subscribers.

Proven Results

We have a proven track record of profits.

Let Us Do The Work

Our proprietary algorithmic signals do the work

There is Always Opportunity

Regardless of Market Direction We See A Chance To Profit

Our Dynamic Algorithm provides daily opportunities to execute a trade on both the long or the short side, as we actively time the market on a daily basis.

Our Approach

To guide you through the noise.

The stock market can often be an overwhelming place to make calculated decisions on when and how to trade, leaving many traders at a loss. Our dynamic algorithm creates market participation signals based on objective and calculated metrics thereby cutting out the needless distractions surrounding the stock market.

Our Story

Over 20 Years Experience Modeling Stock Markets

No single investment is 100% risk free, but our vast experience of over 20 years of meticulous study, expansive research and rigorous analysis have combined to craft our proprietary S&P algorithm to effectively create precise signals to buy and sell the market. Time, market insight and experience are the building blocks at Spalgo and we look forward to showing what we can do for you.

We level the playing field for you.

Far too often the big institutions seemingly have an advantage against the average trader due to their sheer size, money and numbers. Our approach is to level the playing field so every trader has the opportunity to compete against everyone.

Constant Trading Opportunities

Make money in both bull markets and bear markets with Spalgo.

Cancel Anytime

We do not lock you into a long term contract at Spalgo. Feel free to cancel anytime.

Control Your Own Investments

Every step of the way you are in full control of your own investments. Just like you should be!

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